500 Internal Server Error on Ipset Page

I have examined the Hestia logs in an attempt to identify the cause, but they do not provide any specific information regarding the reason behind the “Internal Server Error” that occurs when attempting to access the Ipset page. Could someone assist me in determining the cause of this issue? Alternatively, is there a specific command that I can execute to resolve it?

What version?


I have upgraded to version 1.8.0, but unfortunately, I am still experiencing the same problem. I’m wondering if editing the core file or removing its contents might resolve the issue and allow me to view that page properly. Could you please provide guidance on whether this solution might work?

Check /var/log/hestia/nginx-error.log

So at least we are able to debug where the issue is…

What that file says…

#0 /usr/local/hestia/web/list/firewall/ipset/index.php(16): ksort()
#1 {main}
  thrown in /usr/local/hestia/web/list/firewall/ipset/index.php on line 16" while reading response header from upstream, client: xx.xxx.xxx.xxx, server: _, request: "GET /list/firewall/ipset/ HTTP/2.0", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/run/hestia-php.sock:", host: "vps.xxx.com:8083", referrer: "https://vps.xxx.com:8083/list/firewall/"
2023/07/11 21:09:14 [error] 201403#0: *53 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught TypeError: ksort(): Argument #1 ($array) must be of type array, null given in /usr/local/hestia/web/list/firewall/ipset/index.php:16

That’s all that show’s.

cat /usr/local/hestia/data/firewall/ipset.conf

LISTNAME='ChinaBlock' IP_VERSION='v4' SOURCE='https://ipv4.fetus.jp/cn.txt' AUTOUPDATE='no' SUSPENDED='no' TIME='10:24:17' DATE='2023-06-02'
LISTNAME='RussianBlock' IP_VERSION='v4' SOURCE='https://ipv4.fetus.jp/ru.txt' AUTOUPDATE='no' SUSPENDED='no' TIME='10:27:57' DATE='2023-06-02'
LISTNAME='SingaporeBlock' IP_VERSION='v4' SOURCE='https://ipv4.fetus.jp/sg.txt' AUTOUPDATE='no' SUSPENDED='no' TIME='10:31:22' DATE='2023-06-02'
LISTNAME='Greensnow' IP_VERSION='v4' SOURCE='http://blocklist.greensnow.co/greensnow.txt' AUTOUPDATE='yes' SUSPENDED='no' TIME='00:10:03' DATE='2023-06-29'
LISTNAME='Blocklis' IP_VERSION='v4' SOURCE='http://lists.blocklist.de/lists/all.txt' AUTOUPDATE='yes' SUSPENDED='no' TIME='00:10:05' DATE='2023-06-29'

The contents of the file are what I expected, but there is no clear indication of the issue at hand, which is why I have sought help here.

According the error the output of the json_decode is not valid…

What steps can I take to resolve this issue and make it valid?

Delete ipset.conf and add them again one by one…

Thank you, That fixed the problem.

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