A global webmail domain?

I have a couple of users that are especially fond of Squirrelmail, and I use it too sometimes, I used to have this as a separate mail.domain.net vhost for nginx, under php 7.4 and my own git fork of it. Just to be sure, is there a way to achieve this with hestia too? Without having to install the domain anew or something, after every hestia upgrade?
Can I just create it as a separate web domain?

And second to that; These users have different domainname logins from the mail.domain.net under which Squirrelmail is hosted. Is that OK? It reaches local dovecot just fine, so I assume when they logon using their user@domain it will just be OK, but just to be sure?

Yes a global mail.domain.com will work fine.

Just create a web domain with mail.domain.com or webmail.domain.com and clone your repo…

Just connect to localhost

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