A Weird Issue In Setting Alias Field

I’ve been researching for the same issue before I decided to post this thread. Basically, I was playing around with this domain, so I set * in the domain alias field. However, I couldn’t delete it after hit save button and it shows me error when I do that. Seriously, a strange message?

No DNS record matches it I tried to reboot the system, but I still cannot delete it.

Screenshot (249)

Screenshot (250)

Any thoughts?

Hello @Hussein

if it’s non production domain then simply delete it :slight_smile:
if it’s production then it means the alias (*) not exist as you set alias as * not a name then you should update *.domain.ltd ! as I (think) you can’t make wildcard from xx.domain.ltd

you can wait someone expert with aliases and dns to help too

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Thank you @nada for your response. I did try to change alias value to .domain.tld for my subdomain, but still I cannot get rid of it. The error window ’ * Doesn’t Exit does show up even when I try to delete it completely after hitting save button.

The domain is a domain production. Normally, the * should be gone once I delete the value from the field and hit save.

ok please wait @ScIT and share error log