Accessing control panel is slow


I just installed the panel on Debian 10 and it looks good, but when I go to login via my admin panel mydomain:8083 it’s incredibly slow to load and when I do get in its slow to change tabs and do anything! I timed it, about 5 minutes to change each tab! I’m not sure why this is, my site loads quick I can change pages without issue.

you need to be more informative otherwise I am afraid we can’t help you here.

do you see the same issue if you open the panel via your ip instead of the domain-name?
what kind of service are you running on (vps, dedi, specs, provider etc.)?
did you install anything else beside plain hestia?

you can always try to run apt install --reinstall hestia to have just the panel part (hestia nginx+php) reinstalled.

did you check the process list and/or load via command line while panel is loading? sometimes also looking at the network tab in dev-tools might help to identify the issue. could be that somehow some external ressource is blocked by something? could also be an ssl issue or dns related… sadly many things to look into, sorry.

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My domain still hasn’t fully pointed to my server IP yet. Just using my IP.

VPS: 2GB of ram 100GB drive.

CPU is normal and memory usage:

12.9% - mysqld
1.3 % - apache
2.4 % - python
2.4 % - fail2ban

sometimes also looking at the network tab in dev-tools might help to identify the issue

I don’t know where that is, if its in the panel like I said it takes a while to change tabs

Sounds like it’s hanging resolving a dns host
Check out how the latest version 1.2.1 of Hestia should work on debian10 here:

Please post your complete install command, and also check if there is an unusual lag/output when running these commands:

sudo echo $HOSTNAME
time ping -c1 $(hostname -s)
time ping -c1 $(hostname -f)
time sudo ping -c1 $(hostname -s)
time sudo ping -c1 $(hostname -f)

If you have solved the problem let us know how, somebody else might have the same problem in the future

Try v-list-databases and see how fast is loads. I haven’t seen any issue like this slow…