Add aliases to the certificate that creates each mail domain

I just migrated to your hosting platform from vestacp and I see it much better and more modern! I hope you do not leave the project approved as it has happened with vestacp
Having said that…

In vestaCP I created a domain and some aliases that I later associated with vestacp and served for dovecot and exim. How do I do it now? I see that the management panel does not give that option and generates a self-signed certificate

It is very good that each domain of mail can generate its own SSL but how can I add aliases to those certificates? I would be interested: mail.domain… + imap.domain… + smtp.domain…

I await your prompt reply

Checkout the mail ssl function for your mail domain, you’ll need a valid mail and webmail record, then you’ll be able to generate a valid cert which will be included to your exim and dovecot config. Then set smtp and pop/imap to mail.domain.tld and you’re good to go.

and it can only be mail.domain…com, webmail.domain…com

I would like it to be mail.domain…com, webmail.domain…com + smtp.domain…com + correo.domain…com, how do I do it?

And to access the panel, how do I assign a letencrypt SSL of an already created domain, for example, I create and I want to associate that certificate to the panel … in vestacp you had the option to choose which domain ssl you wanted to use for the portal

Currently mail and webmail is set as certificate/alias, the mail part is hardcoded, you would need to expand your list manualy but this change would get lost on upgrade.

v-add-letsencrypt-host is the way to go after installation, it generates you the certificate with the hostname (uses the hostname web domain in admin user) and links it to the services. There is no plan to implement a choosable dropdown like vesta has it.

Well, I think it should be possible to do as in vestacp!

That is, I use mail.domain … com and I have to call the host of the same server for the ReverseIP to match my reverse ip assigned to my fixed ip

But to access the panel I want to associate and with vestacp you had that option, now I have to access as ?? I don’t really like the idea!

Nor do I see that it does not have the possibility to assign more aliases to each ssl of the mail … mail, webmai are created by default, and it should have the option of being able to add more aliases for that certificate …

I do not understand the plan behind:

If I setup a server, I use to get to the backend. If you want to have for each customer, you can easiely do it with an additional template, basicly you even could run this domain under admin user, so the customer it self doesnt see it. This was already discussed here on the forum or github, wasnt just able to find it right now :slight_smile:.

We arent vesta, aswell I currently don’t see any reason to implement it for the mass. Maybe this can change as soon as I understand your usecase.

Here you’re right, it would be probaly a good idea to add an alias field, we just havent had any time to implement it yet. If you would like to do it, please feel free to contribute and send us a pr:

I am not a programmer and I cannot help you, only suggest things for you to improve

I’ve been testing it and it works great and I want to migrate 2 vestacp servers to your panel. It only prevents me that I have mail configured with certificates to the subdomains imap … and mail.dominio…com
It would be very good if you could put the aliases but since you can’t, how can I put those aliases manually to the certificate that creates mail and webmail?