Add web permission access to new User

Hi! how are you?

I created a new website some days ago, hestiacp had asked me to create a new user for security reason but I canceled that and continue my way.

Now, I need to create a new user and assign access permission to access ONLY to that specific website.

Is that possible? because I couldn’t find an option to do that, I search for it in GUI and CLI with no luck

Thank you so much.

Create a new user and run

v-change-domain-owner newuser

If you you have a database run also


Thanks for answer!

Ok, I Understand, but now I have a new question.

I’ve run this command and now domain owner is “newuser” but “olduser” lost access to

So websites only can be accesed by ONE user? I mean, there’s no exists some special user like root or something like that which has access to everysite? did I understand right?

thank you

The admin user can impersonate any other user.

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Thank you so much!
It’s solved.

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