Additional FTP ac count using SFTP

Greetings. Could you help me create an ftp user with sftp access rights on an arm64 ubuntu 22.04 VM? On the panel I can only create ftp accesses. thanks

Hi @Acwild,

Keep in mind that FTP is not the same as SFTP. You can create several FTP accounts but you can’t add additional SFTP accounts, you can only use your account user to access the server via SFTP.

Support for multiple SFTP will be added in 1.9.0 …

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Thanks Eris, Can you explain me how manage multiple SFTP Acoount?

Thanks sahsanu, Eris says that the support of multiple sftps account was implemented, but I don’t know how manage it?

No, @eris said that this will be implemented in next major version 1.9.0 but you can’t add additional sftp users from Hestia in current version 1.8.x.

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It hasn’t been released yet but it will be done via the same method as FTP accounts.

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