Advice on Hosting Please

I’m in a bit of a conundrum :thinking: My current Hosting plan runs till early next Year. But I’m :thinking: of getting an OVZ8 Ubuntu 22 so I can have Root SSH . My problem is do I pay Monthly for the OVZ8 now & take a long time to Move my sites over, including e-mail ? Or do I wait till the current Plan runs out & move all then ?

I still have a valid hosting plan till November with namecheap which provides jailed ssh access. It was quite expensive so I started moving my hosted domains to racknerd (KVM , full root access port 25 open, incoming , outgoing mail works flawlessly with smtp relay) and hetzner (still trying to figure out a proper setup.) I hope the admins won’t consider it as a off-topic conversation. By the way do we need a Off-Topic section where we can talk about things like these not directly related to hestiacp ? :slight_smile:


It is up to you but don’t use OVZ go with KVM …


Sounds good :smiley: I think we need an ( NotCP ) section :smiley: for stuff just like this. I think I shall move over to OVZ :thinking: & Install Hestia , I have put it on my local Ubuntu 20 & it works just fine. I love the CP !

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I looked at both & OVZ suit’s my needs as it will hold just my Domains, if I sell then I will get a KVM for that.