After Upgrade Hestia "DNS problem" on all servers


I have 3 servers and I have hestiaCP on these servers. On all servers I have same problem lool!!!
This morning my sites are offline because DNS is not working. This happened when the Hestia was upgraded automatically.

So when I try to ping something I can’t when I try to install something on my server I can’t.
I can connect to the server but I do not have access to the internet.

This is what I have when I check “service named status”

network unreachable resolving ‘./NS/IN’: 2001:dc3::35#53
network unreachable resolving ‘./DNSKEY/IN’: 2001:dc3::35#53

[9:44] FedeKrum

I have fixed it doing the following
First I made sure that my own server was not listed in the https://server:8086/list/firewall/banlist/ page(edited)
after that, I made a v-delete-firewall-chain for each chain listed at that page
Then rebooted and now resolves

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