After upgrading to v1.4.2 I get error 500 for all sites and to phpmyadmin

Hello Dear. I am asking for your help.
After I updated Hetsia to v1.4.2 I got error 500 for all sites and to phpmyadmin. I am an inexperienced user and don’t know how to fix the error.
Operating system: Debian 9.13 (x86_64).

Is it possible to somehow pull the site databases without access to phpmyadmin?

Please I would be grateful for any advice.

Via command line you may.

Use the mysqldump command to import and export.

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Check nginx.conf I think it is overwritten during the update of nginx

Please tell me in which folder does the mysqldump console command save the backup?

Thanks for the answers, decided it would be faster to deploy a new server and move there sites and database. You are the best!

Mysqldump will save the backup where you tell it to do so in the command line.

To export:
mysqldump -u mysql_user -p DATABASE_NAME > backup.sql

To import:
mysql -u mysql_user -p DATABASE < backup.sql

mysqldump -u mysql_user -p DATABASE_NAME > /your/folder/here/backup.sql

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