Allow HTTP requests with no TLS

Hi, I’m building a laravel application that has an API which is called from an Arduino UNO. The problem is that this type of development boards are not compatible with HTTPS, and right now I only have this option (to use the API through HTTP).
The question is the following: Is there any way to enable http on this specific website (and if possible only for a specific endpoint like /api/data). Right now I’m receiving a 301 Moved Permanently when accessing it via http, which makes sense due to the default-setting of forcing https.

Another thing to point out is that my domain name is with “.dev” and I’m not 100% sure but I’ve heard that it forces https on any browser by default (and some HSTS-related which I do not know a lot, i’m actually rookie at all this)

If you can help me, it would be awesome.
Thanks for your time and help.