Alternative backup script

i’m trying to develop an alternative way to backup hestia users. At the moment the backup script takes 2 times the user disk space. For example, in a VPS that has a user of 100GB, it is neccessary to have a 300GB total disk space to avoind the “insufficient disk space” error.

My idea is to wrap some shell scripts:

  1. dump databases locally
  2. rsync to remote without using local file system

so first question: which folders do i have to include?
what is the directory structure to mantain on the remote unit?

second question: is there a safe way to restore back or migrate without using the tarball? Any idea on this?

Thanks in advance and keep up good work

Rclone will work fine.

But users should were possible split up domain into multiple users. So it getting smaller for everything else check v-backup-users

Restoring is the same but then reverted.

If you don’t use HestiaCP’s backup procedure, you can’t restore sites using v-restore HestiaCP utility.
You will have restore all manually by downloading or rsync back to server

I meant v-backup-users. If i have a single user with 100GB of data, i need 300GB of disk space on the VPS.

Yes that why I am saying in you are able to split it up in multiple users wit will help alleady:

For example I have 5 sites with each 20 gb large ( total of 100gb)

If I split them up in 5 users each 20gb the backup script works fine.

It doesn’t help of course if it is 1 sites with 100gb.

impossible to split. That’s why i need i need a different way for backup/restore