Apache modules not available to sites

Hi, when running compatibility check in Total Cache it reports a number of modules are not detected.

  • deflate_module: Not detected
  • env_module: Not detected
  • expires_module: Not detected
  • filter_module: Not detected
  • ext_filter_module: Not detected
  • headers_module: Not detected
  • mime_module: Not detected
  • rewrite_module: Not detected
  • setenvif_module: Not detected

but when checking /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/ most are in there?

am i missing something?


Nginx “hides” often certain modules that are active.

so how do we unhide them so total cache or others can see them?

Did you enable these modules with for e.g.:

a2enmod rewrite

The same for other modules. What it will do it change the link for one to another directory, where it searches for active modules.

Or did I misunderstand your problem?

Aha, sorry, I read it again and found I misunderstood your problem. These modules are already active but not percieved when using cache. I was in a hurry…

ok, is there a way to rectify this?

I have no idea how Total cache detect them… or not.