Backups - Compression level, Backblaze and Encryption

Hey everyone

I’ve got couple of questions with regards to how Backup works and hope users here would share some insights with me.

  1. Compression Level
    I’ve selected zstd for Backups. However regardless of what compression level I select, all my backups are of the same size and in .tar format. Is that how it suppose to be or do I need some php modules to be installed for zstd to work properly?

  2. Backblaze B2
    do you guys enable encryption on the B2 bucket that is used for HestiaCP backups? If server side encryption is enabled from Backblaze, would HestiaCP have any issues reading and restoring the backups, especially after moving servers?

Depending on “total” disk size used by the user the “savings” aren’t that big. How ever the speed was about 30% faster for the same “level”


Hestia does not enable encryption on default

And never tried it enabling B2 encryption

Thanks. That makes sense now.

I guess I’ll have to play around with some test account and see if restoration works properly after enabling B2 encryption.

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