Backups global excludes

is here any way to configure hestiacp backup to do only client without data? I mean I want to exclude mails, web content and backup only user accounts, settings, passwords, database… Users content I want to backup with other backup software, which support increments…

Currently not no. Myself I just backup the whole vps container, using proxmox with proxmox backup server which supports now increment backups aswell.

Can you tell what will be roadmap for next release? Maybe hestia has feature request form? Plesk use which is quite nice and users can vote which idea is feature is most usefull :wink:

Maybe for hestia need something same? :slight_smile:

We use github for issue and feature reports, there is already a request for incremental backups. Currently we’re working on a service release (3.0.1), then working down the open issue and feature requests.