Bug fixes with backup

Hello, I already opened the topic Possible bug Backup package, but it was somehow ignored. Now I face the same error, namely, I installed 2 copies in the package, a week later I put one, but 2 copies are created. And God forbid you put 0, then when again for example 1 is selected, the number of copies does not change. I don’t really care about all this, if it’s not important to those who create this wonderful product called Hestia, but so far I haven’t found anything better, it would be good to fix it. Thanks for attention.

Show the output of these commands:

v-list-user-package site

And in this command, change YourUser by the user that is having issues with backups:

v-list-user YourUser json

root@hestia:~# v-list-user-package site
PACKAGE:          site
WEB TEMPLATE:     wordpress
DNS TEMPLATE:     default
WEB DOMAINS:      unlimited
WEB ALIASES:      unlimited
DNS DOMAINS:      unlimited
DNS RECORDS:      unlimited
MAIL DOMAINS:     unlimited
MAIL ACCOUNTS:    unlimited
RATE_LIMIT:       200
DATABASES:        unlimited
CRON JOBS:        unlimited
DISK QUOTA:       unlimited
BANDWIDTH:        unlimited
NS:               ,
SHELL:            nologin
BACKUPS:          1
TIME:             21:24:45
DATE:             2023-09-12
“mAggAjReebrj8T7”: {
“NAME”: “mAggAjReebrj8T7”,
“PACKAGE”: “default”,
“WEB_TEMPLATE”: “wordpress”,
“BACKEND_TEMPLATE”: “default”,
“PROXY_TEMPLATE”: “default”,
“DNS_TEMPLATE”: “default”,
“WEB_DOMAINS”: “unlimited”,
“WEB_ALIASES”: “unlimited”,
“DNS_DOMAINS”: “unlimited”,
“DNS_RECORDS”: “unlimited”,
“MAIL_DOMAINS”: “unlimited”,
“MAIL_ACCOUNTS”: “unlimited”,
“DATABASES”: “unlimited”,
“CRON_JOBS”: “unlimited”,
“DISK_QUOTA”: “unlimited”,
“BANDWIDTH”: “unlimited”,
“HOME”: “/home/mAggAjReebrj8T7”,
“NS”: “,”,
“SHELL”: “nologin”,
“BACKUPS”: “2”,
“CONTACT”: “”,
“CRON_REPORTS”: “yes”,
“RKEY”: “pc0rMw0PlO5po5YH”,
“TWOFA”: “”,
“QRCODE”: “”,
“ROLE”: “user”,
“SUSPENDED”: “no”,
“IP_AVAIL”: “1”,
“IP_OWNED”: “0”,
“U_USERS”: “2”,
“U_DISK”: “1169”,
“U_DISK_DIRS”: “30”,
“U_DISK_WEB”: “1110”,
“U_DISK_MAIL”: “0”,
“U_DISK_DB”: “29”,
“U_BANDWIDTH”: “796”,
“U_WEB_SSL”: “4”,
“U_MAIL_DKIM”: “0”,
“U_CRON_JOBS”: “3”,
“U_BACKUPS”: “1”,
“LANGUAGE”: “ru”,
“THEME”: “”,
“PREF_UI_SORT”: “name”,
“PHPCLI”: “”,
“TIME”: “16:24:08”,
“DATE”: “2023-09-03”

The most interesting thing is that now I put a new server with Hestia, and it changes like clockwork. But there are no sites, I have already checked more than once, as soon as sites are added, adventures begin. Maybe a curse what))

The package site allows 1 backup but your user is not using site package, it is using default package.

v-list-user-package default

In general, I put the panel from scratch, now everything is fine, but what I understood is that you can not rename the default package, for example, to site. As soon as I renamed it, it all starts like this. Thank you for your attention, I think the question can be closed.

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