Can I change hestia-nginx port 9000 to another number?

I checked on my VPS and port 9000 is used by hestia-nginx

tcp LISTEN 0 511

Is it possible to change it to another number?

I have another app needs to run on port 9000


v-change-sys-hestia-port NewPort

This is not the Hestiacp control panel port used to login. This is the port for hestia-nginx (I don’t know what it’s used for).

Does the server still work normally if I change this port to a new number?

Ah, its the www.conf fpm port, not sure if a change is possible, probaly mail and phomyadmin will break

If you change the nginx port, a few services might break from functioning normally. So, you should change the port of the app itself or you can use socket if the app support socks connection.

9000 is used for php-fpm for phpmyadmin / webmail. I suggest using a different port