Can not receive emails from hestia control p

I have several email accounts and they all work well. The problem is the forwarding to another email in the panel is not working.
The emails send by the control panel when there is an update are also not working as well the Email login credentials.

Please check your exim mainlog in /var/log/exim or /var/log/exim4, its impossible to help without additional informations and/or potential error messages.

thank you for your reply.

I see this message “Feb 16 00:00:02 painel exim4: ALERT: exim paniclog /var/log/exim4/paniclog has non-zero size, mail system possibly broken”


the paniclog has this message:
2021-04-04 11:20:03 1lSzrP-000Jkn-PB 1lSzrP-000Jkn-PB bad addresses found in headers

My problem seems to be different. The paniclog file refers the date of 2021-04-04 but the emails stopped after hestia upgrade 1.5.4 on 2022-01-12. the only thing that I have done since is to update and upgrade de ubuntu 20.04 installed in my vps. I just don’t receive emails from the hestiacp like I use to.

In that case try deleting panic log and try again…

I renamed the panic log and tried to receive admin email by creating an email account but did not received any credentials email :disappointed: