Can not send mail from upcloud


I have same problem with a guy posted before regarding cannot sendmail from upcloud, it’s driving me crazy. It’s imposible to send mail.
I try to install few linux for test and used 587, 465 ports with no success
Exim logs show
"Connection timed out” for all outgoing mail. I don’t know what is the problem, also disabled firewall but still fail to send. I have no idea about this problem, I tried two days to test. I also setup same thing to test on digitalocean and linode, thoes are successful send out email.
DNS no problem and has reverse record, spf record also the ip no blacklisted outside.

Any ideas? Could it be exim problem ?
However same thing same settings work on other server.
It make me crazy.


Check your hosting provider. They have closed port 25.

Speak to them so that they open it.

The problem is not on your side.

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