Can we downgrade php just for some website?

My Hestia server specs use PHP 8.2 and there are several websites there. However, there are 1 websites that I have just bought a WordPress theme for but it turns out that the theme only supports 7.4. Can I lower my php so that it can adjust, specifically the 1 domain that I chose… that means not all php has been lowered php… only the website of course, how do I do this in hestia?

If PHP 7.4 is not installed yet:

From Web UI:
Settings -> Configure -> Web Server -> Select option php-7.4 -> Save

Or from command line (as root):

v-add-web-php 7.4

Once installed you can add a new web domain or edit an existing one and in advanced options, in Backend Template, select PHP-7_4 and save.

is it right ? i want to try … thsk for suggestion

Yes, you already have version 7.4 installed.