Can't access 'Files' manager after install and v-restore-user

after a wrong folder deletion, i was advised to reinstall
i did

the archive was given ownership to admin:user in /backup (root:root)
i’ve launched the v-restore-user with root

after that, i can’t use the ‘Files’ page in hestia, i get: Unknown error
with both admin and a user
nothing in /usr/local/hestia/log

any advice?

all right, could be the restore that doesn’t keep the ownerships …

shall i apply
chown -R user:user /home/user/
to each user folder?

search for “unknown error” here in the forum, never use chown if you dont know what you’re doing, that one would probaly break your user.

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trying to enhance security level, i’d added

AllowUsers mainUser


that was the problem

i’ve added
AllowGroups hestia-users :v:

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