Can't add SSL to the panel


Following the documentation, I tried to add SSL to the panel.

So, I did the following command: v-change-sys-hostname [IP] then v-add-letsencrypt-host.

But I have the following errors:

Error: Web alias [IP] exists
Error: web domain [IP] doesn't exist

I don’t know how I have the alias problem since the command v-search-object [IP] gives no result.

Precisions: I’m on a fresh Debian 10 installation with the latest Hestia version. I have two web domains pointing to the same IP.

What should I do?

Thank you for your help!

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Are you using a ip address as the server hostname?

In Server → Configure → Basic Options, the [IP] is indeed set as the hostname.

You should never use your ip as hostname.

Normally I use an subdomain for it:
v-change-sys-hostname and then v-add-letsencrypt-host

You can’t get an ssl certificate on an ip adress unless it an self generated one

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I see. So, is this a mistake from the documentation or did I miss something?

It says: Make sure the hostname of the server is pointed to the ip address and you set the hostname correctly.

Edit: Your subdomain do you create a new web domain in the panel for it?

also: an IP cannot have an letsencrypt ssl-certificate. at least that was their policy for years. so you’d need a (sub-)domain for your host anyway.

this means your IP should be set correctly as A entry for the domain name you are using as hostname. and this domain should be set as hostname on your linux.

it does not mean to use your IP as hostname - that would be kind of the opposite :wink:

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I get it! My mystake.

Thank you for the clarification!

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usually when you have the domain set as hostname before you install hestia it will pick that up automatically and create a web-domain entry under the admin-account for it.

so easiest would be to add the new one there (as web-domain) in the panel and enable ssl/LE for it. after you got the cert you can use the v-host commands to tell hestia to use this one for the panel…


I get this error :

Error: user users doesn't exist

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