Can't connect via URL, only IP

When I type in the website loads (what’s currently there) but, when I type in (sec cert later will be configured later) the website cannot be found.

What am I missing?

I set the nameservers up at the registrar
nginx -t sucessful

Let me know what configs / logs you’d like to see.

DNS is not working / setup correctly

How do I fix it? The A records should be set. Which brings me to another issue I’ll open another thread for. (been trying to find others)

Your dns isnt setup correctly, as you can see here aswell: intoDNS: - check DNS server and mail server health

Set your dns, probaly at, and it should work.

For some reason I had to use that other panel with my dedicated server provider to set up the A records.

This thread seems to be the same problem as my other one:

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