Can't create a second database for the same user

Hi, I’m having trouble creating a second database.
After creating the 1st database, when I try to create a 2nd one, I get this error:

DBUSER=username_dbuser already exists

I have tried it in control panel and via CLI, in both cases I get the same error.

I have tried to do it on 2 servers and same thing.

I’m missing something?

Many times in the past I have created several databases for a same user without problems.

Some clue?


Hi Eris, I’m not sure it’s the same situation as in that bug.

This bug talks about creating 2 ddbb with the same user, trying to change password.

The problem I’m having is that I can’t create the second DDBB with the same user. Furthermore, when I try to create the 2nd DDBB I don’t try to change the password of the user.

As a temporary solution, what I have done is, working in the MySQL CLI, I have created the databases I needed for the same user (I don’t see them listed in HCP, but I can see them in PHPMyadmin)

But I have been testing on another server that I have and I am seeing the same problem.

The patch for it was preventing users to create the same database user twice. In the future we will need to implement “new” user system for Mysql but there are 100 other issues that have for higher priority for me…

Now I understand !
The patch for this bug prevents the creation of other databases with the same user.

Don’t worry, it’s not a major problem.
In fact, I don’t think it’s a problem, it only caught my attention because I remembered having created several DDBBs for the same user in the past.

The truth is that you do a tremendous job.

I feel indebted to you guys, as soon as I have some extra money I want to make a donation.

Hug from the distance guys!


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