Can't seem to get DNS records for DKIM


I’m trying to work out why this won’t give me the DKIM record:

v-list-mail-domain-dkim sterba
Error: mail domain doesn’t exist

It exists as a mail domain:

So I’m not sure why its telling me it can’t find that domain? The only time I’ve seen that before is when I forgot to add the mail domain :slight_smile:




What do you see in you click on “dns” records when you hover on the line?
Screenshot 2023-05-14 at 15.11.00

You mean this?

(if I hover over the icon you showed, I just get the words “DNS Records” show up, like you).

FYI I’m not using bind DNS on the server (its all done via linodes nameservers)

You should be able to copy over the DKIM to you name servers…

It produces the same key as:

Yeah, I think thats what I will do :slight_smile: Weirdly, it works fine for and - it just seems to be the .cc one that has an issue :confused:

FWIW, you don’t need to expend effort obscuring DKIM DNS records. The is nothing secret in a DKIM public key. Your private key is the one that you must not share.

Force of habit obscuring stuff :slight_smile:

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