Can't send Email :(

Panel hosted on Google Cloud Ins.
OS. Ubuntu 18.4
Web Panel Version : Latest Build
non apache server
Since google blocked port 25. Is there anyone who can guide me to config different port to send mail from my server.

Note: i have tested google smtp relay and it works but problem is when i send a mail from my email “[email protected]” account it Doesn’t showup on receivers sender information instead it shows “[email protected]” relay id.

as you already figured an smtp relay is the only way, if port 25 is blocked. if it would be as easy as using another port, providers wouldn’t block it at all :wink:

I haven’t used google smtp relay, so I don’t know, if it is possible to change/passthrough the senders domain. aws SES does something comparable after you verifiy the ownership of the domain via certain dns entries. however - you need to ask google support about that :wink: