Can't setup SSL on mail accounts

OS: Debian
HCP: latest
Error mail SSL:

Enable SSL for this domain
– Use Lets Encrypt to obtain SSL certificate

Error code: DNS record for doesn’t exist.

  • SSL enabled for web
  • Child-dns enabled
  • A record:

Settings: My first domain SSL works for everything.

Basicly heestia just do a check with nslookup, if there is a record for your domain - in your case, this step fails. You could check now on your server, if you get a propper output/recprd if you run nslookup mail.domain.tld - if not, you need to check why.

I pointed an A record from my host to my panel and it works. I can see my website, but mail won’t resolve? :frowning_face:

I put webmail.hestia because my other domain uses webmail.domain. My name server record, i dont know if its right. it’s ns1.second_domain pointing to same machine ip. I have my first domain using ns1.domain to same ip.

webmail should point to your ip
and mail should point to your ip.


It is pointing to my ip. I figured out the problem, I have to use domain registrars settings to set my dns settings. Thanks for your help.