Change Apache2 to Ngnix possible after installation?

Could you clear some moments:

  1. I installed hestia via bash command

  2. After i noticed that there is an Apache2 web server inside, but i want to use Ngnix

Now Apache2 - web server
Ngnix - reverse proxy

Need to delete Apache2 from services and do Ngnix as web server

  1. How i can reinstall first and add Ngnix variant?

  2. And haven’t found Clamav in list, how it can be added?

Thank you!

If your sever has less then 4GB it is disable due to the memory requirement of ClamAV…

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Thank you!

But, it is possible during new installation to add nginx as default, if i choose apache no
Or, only as you offered above

I want to get in web-server settings:

Web Server: nginx
Backend Server: php-fpm


Proxy Server: nginx
Web Server: apache2
Backend Server: php-fpm

Done, i did it via reinstall, now everything works well
By the way, clamav was installed also, but vps has 2 gb of ram
Other server has 4 gb, but i noticed that often clamav is not running