Change site php version for user

I’m trying to migrate a site to a different version of php

I changed in the package PHP-FPM Backend Template

I edited the user and changed PHP version for CLI

I changed php version 7.4 to 8.1

But my site remained on version php 7.4
I tried creating a new package with frm 8.1
Changed the user’s package.
The user has set the PHP version for CLI 8.1
Even rebooted the server.

But the php version of the site has not changed, it remains 7.4
As far as I remember, when I did similar actions and then created a new site, the PHP version changed

But already on the created site, I cannot change the version of php.

I can reinstall the site and the version will change for sure. But I want to know if this can be done without reinstalling the site?

You still need to update the php version of the website

Packages only update the template for new websites

How can I update the php version of the site?
There is no PHP version in the site configs

At the root of the site, the phpinfo() function gives me the old version of the site 7.4.

In which hestiacp file should I make changes? Even if it’s in manual mode.

In which section of the admin panel can I find it?

Edit web domain and then click advanced options

Thanks a lot.

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