CLI to return only template name of domain

is it possible list the templates (web, backend, proxy) from every domain in hestia? Just the name of templates

because I have hundreds servers and I would like to create a procedure to change the “default” templates for another… but in some cases, I already have personalized templates, and this case, this couldnt change… example, using a bash, just return the template name for comparison.

find /usr/local/hestia/data/users/ -name web.conf -exec cat {} \; |awk '{print $1 $5}'

you’re welcome :wink:

PS: just saw that you asked for backend and proxy as well - of course feel free to add more columns to the print part… I think you got the idea anyway ^^

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I already created a bash script … top …using v-list-domain-template-xxxx to json and do bash string treatment
worked very well!