Couldn't create autoexpunge.lock?


I’m a proud user of Hestia. love it! working fantastic, using some custom configurations here and there but amazing. Hopefully IPv6 comes but I got my own workarounds :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ve been using dovecot sieve, rspamd since 2 months.
Now I’m trying to setuo autoexpunge but am running into an issue and I’ve been trying to resolve it for a long long long time and didn’t found the answer just yet.
Now it isn’t an Hestia issue but I think someone on the forums could direct me to the solution!

I’ve setup autoexpunge in the dovecot.conf.

But now I’m receiving the issue that it couldn’t create the Couldn’t create dovecot.autoexpunge.lock file.

As it is showing the wrong folder, I’m trying to set the right folder so it places the lock in the correct folder.
Somehow I can’t find the proper location to set it up… :frowning:

Has anyone managed to setup autoexpunge? Let me know! could use some guidance!

Folder is owned by root and both user and dovecot has no write levels

Try changing the path…

Well, thats the point where I’m confused, I can’t figure out how the autoexpunge decides where to place the lock file. (I googled for days now haha)

In the 10-mail.conf the default hestia? config is setup so the default folders are used for the mailboxes: