Cpanel Backup import


now that HestiaCP 1.7 is released you can import Cpanel backups. With which command does this work?

v-import-cpanel /backup/backup.tar.gz yes

where to enter the username?
v-import-cpanel username /backup/backup.tar.gz yes

It takes the original username form the backup

so the command v-import-cpanel /backup/backup.tar.gz is yes?

in the documentation there is nothing about cpanel import. would be nice if you could add that :).

ok thank you :slightly_smiling_face:.

New website will add tomorrow a notice on the old docs website :slight_smile:

so the Cpanel backup went through without errors but I noticed that the database was created in UTF8 character set instead of UTF8MB4. Could you change the setting so that UTF8MB4 is always taken. UTF8 should not be used by anyone.

It should take it from the database it self

but that does not make sense. UTF8 is a bug and should not be used by anyone. that means if UTF8 is used in the cpanel it would be better if the imported database uses UTF8MB4. Surely this can be added in the source code so that it is imported correctly. Why use a wrong charset? It makes no sense.