CSR Invalid Domain Format

i want to install wildcard ssl to my hestiacp

but i got this error

how to fix it ?

i have use my own NS for this domain.

@ScIT please help

For domain *.xxxx.tld is not valid in 1.4 we add an option to add an alias field


@zulfianto there is no support for wildcard domains as web-domains yet. you cannot use *. that way.

what @eris meant is, that in a future release there might be an option to put a wildcard as alias into a web domain.
still, for aquiring a wildcard cert through letsencrypt requires setting up DNS challenges then - which will not work with external DNS servers automatically.

in short: what you want to do here is not possible via hestiacp right now.

no solution for wildcard ssl from ComodoSSL ?

You can follow the instructions found on Google

Or update to an beta 1.4.0 but I would not suggest it…

if you have an existing certificate already, of course can put that in for your web domain. that’s what the according text fields in the advanced options of a web domain are for.

yet it does not really make sense to use *.domain there as vhost in a webserver.
decide which main domain you want to use on that folder/doc-root and eventually add the needed sub domains as alias to it.