Custom DKim Keys


I need to use a custom name for the dkim keys.
By default it’s mail._domainkey.

I have searched in the documentation to change that, but I didn’t find anything.

For what I see in /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template the dkim_selector is “hard coded”.
If I try to change that to a custom key, and adapt my dns settings for all my domains, could this work without problem ?

I don’t want to mess with a production server…

My idea is to change dkim_selector = mail in the file.
This is configured 2 times in remote_smtp and remote_forwarded_smtp

Anyone have try this ? It “should” work…

Probally yes but we cam’t provide any support if there are any issues …

Just to let you know, I have made the change and everything is ok, the new selector is used without problem.

The issue here is that “mail” as selector is to common and other services (where you can’t use custom selector as well) use them too…

Maybe switch to something like hestia ? or more custom like the server hostname ?

But, in my case, it work fine, I have only 2 mails domains on that server, it was easy to change everything.

Thx for your time.

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