Database and ip lock

I welcome everyone! I have 2 questions that I would like to get answered.

  1. Why is the database consuming so much RAM? Is that how it’s supposed to be or is she going crazy?
  2. In the logs, I found blocking and unblocking of various types of addresses, the panel is almost empty, it has only one site on which there is a standard stub from the Hestia panel.

Database server are supposed to use a lot of ram

Why don’t you disable ftp? I haven’t used ftp for a very long time. Everyone uses sftp

Databases loves ram …

A server connected to the internet attracts bots and hackers who just try to guess…

Except for some firewall rules and ipset you can’t do anything about

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There are lots of things you can alter in your mysql/mariadb to reduce database memory usage. If the site is not high traffic, the parameter I’ve found which has most effect is max_connections. This is usually set to around 150 as a default, but in most cases it can be reduced to 50 or so.

I’d recommend not doing this blindly though. Try running the script from here which will make various suggestions.
It will tell you what your max connections is set to, and also, usefully, what the highest number of connections your database has actually used since it was started, which will indicate a safe number you can use for max connections.


hey is that perl is that what .PL means ? What prereqs are necessary? Perl4 ? Anything else? CPAN repositories?

Thanks so much I’ve looked at that script a couple of times, I can’t run random scripts against mySQL services in SOME capacity, but I’m willing to do it in Test / Dev.

Pl stands for Poland