Dfa2 token issue

There is an issue with dfa2 token:

  1. I logged in
  2. filling correct value of dfa
  3. hestia page reloads and mades cleare field
  4. try again, same
  5. resets dfa
    6)log in
  6. add new dfa
  7. log out
  8. issue has appear again
  9. hestia + debian 11
  10. nothing update or inslalled before appearing of issue
  11. log file shows that i loged in normally - 2022-05-03 04:13:33 admin ******* successfully logged in

When failure of 2FA token it will first check if the password / username are correct.

v-delete-user-2fa will remove the 2fa token requirement and you should be able to login again.

Will check if we can add an function where you have to enter a valid token when you try to enable it

Token have been working before, and this issue appeared itself
Yes, i can turn off dfa by code of recovery and add again, but new token doesn’t work same
it seems an issue within hestia

Update to the last version and try again.

I didn’t had any issues on the last test version

Now i see version v1.5.13
But solution was then:
reboot hestia via button - reboot panel
After dfa started to works well
reboot within vps haven’t solved this issue