Different php version for different directory

I am using php 7.4 for my one folder and 8.0 for the other.
I want to run both the Directories but, only the one which has been set with the Panel works.
Any Solution on how to fix this.

My Current Version on Account is 8.0

how to enable multiphp

You should be able to use different php version for different sub-domains. Since it is per domain or sub-domain so for directory under same domain/sub-domain it will not work.

You might be able to make it work with a custom template in Hestia that defined the alternate socket in a path configuration.

It is in folder.
domain.com/xyz uses 8.0
domain.com uses 7.4

Can you guide me how to do that?

That’s not possible, you need to separate it on domain level.

I cannot. I already shared the totality of my findings in that link to StackOverflow.

It sounds like the best approach is going to be for you to move example.com/xyz to xyz.example.com.

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