Disable Roundcube

Does anybody know the cleanest way to disable Roundcube on Hestia that won’t break with updates?

I’m moving from VestaCP. I had a subdomain setup like webmail.anydomainname.com with aliases for all the mail domains. If I try to use the webmail subdomain, I feel like HestiaCP might have some problems.

Hestia only use webmail.domain.tld if you activate mail ssl per domain.If you dont want to use this feature, there is no need to modify roundcube. You could also change the webmail alias in hestia.conf and set it to whatever you want, just dont take mail :slight_smile:.

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This is how I do it
remove everything related to roundcube

apt remove -y --purge roundcube*

be sure to flush database
the root password for the database is in

cat /root/.my.cnf

BEWARE: if you do

apt autoremove

you might break your system so identify the php package you require and was installed related to roundcube and explicitly install them