Disaster recovery strategy

As I will start using HestiaCP in production environment, I was wondering about failures…
Particularly regarding breaking up things following an Hestia update.
First of all, are Hestia updates automatically applied?
Then in case of a broken installation, is it possible to roll back the installation to the previous one?

All works perfectly on my Ubuntu installation (20.04.01). No souci with updates applyed automatically.

I create every day a backup with all the user accounts.

Incase for of a huge failure with the update we are able to release an emergency fix. So far I know 1 update had so much issues where it didn’t work on a small percentage of servers (About 5%) so they are quite uncommon. It is usually not advised to downgrade how ever most times it will work fine. If you are really depend on stability considering disable.

There have been some inquires about the possibility for a “more” stable hestia package but there was almost no interest for it.

You mean using the backup feature of HestiaCP?

How do you disable automatic updates?

It could be maybe a good idea, to have a separate server where one could install and test all updates before applying them to the production server!

You can find everything on documentation and yes, having multiple servers where to test updates, configurations, templates and so on (according your taste and flavour) it’s the way to go :wink:

Ciao Ubi,
I don’t find anything related to disable Hestia updates in the docs… do you have link?

Give the forum search or google a try :).

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beside the SciT’s hint, you can also check the cli commands if you like to work on terminal v-acknowledge-user-notification — Hestia Control Panel documentation

Have fun! :slight_smile:


Do a remote backup of the folders:
and use the hestia backup option to backup the users to a remote server too