Disk and bandwidth usage


How can I update disk and bandwidth usage and database size more often?

Where can I change this cronjob?

Ah… found it…


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Good day!
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I have the same problem as R0GGER. I found the documentation of all the processes here v-acknowledge-user-notification — Hestia Control Panel documentation.
Modify multiple cronjobs just 1 minute to test and it remains the same Bandwidth without updating. What would the Bandwidth process be? Thanks

Try this one via ssh (PuTTY):
sudo /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-update-sys-queue traffic

Good day! Thank R0GGER
(I use google translator, please apologize)
Now with “sudo” if I walked, but the “Cronjob” of HestiaCP still does not work. I think it works as it was originally before I modified it, that is every several hours it updates. In the attached photo I show my new configuration (every 1 minute of disk and traffic). What I can be doing wrong?

  1. Last consultation: I entered the plan limits of 5GB of disk and 20GB of Bandwidth, and I surpassed them in the tests I did at both limits and the account is still active and working. Can it be achieved that when the limit is reached, an alarm is suspended or triggered?


No there is currently no alarm / notification when a user reach a limit

That is not every minute. That is every hour when the minute is 01.

It will trigger at 00:01, 01:01, 02:01, 03:01…

I would personally not touch that because your server will spend a lot of resources computing disk quotas and bandwidths to achieve in the end a very similar result.

Hi Eris! Thanks for answering!
Could I create a cronjob (with a sh file) to detect the bandwidth and in the same cronjob send me an email? I was checking the folders and files and I couldn’t find where that bandwidth information is stored. Do they use a database or do they keep it in files? Thanks

Hello jlguerrero! Thanks for answering!
Yes, you’re right, I made a mistake. I did not realize.
I just wanted to play to test how my sites are working. I will leave them original.
Thank you!