DNS Cluster How to change the default user

Greetings, dear professionals.
I have a question on top of the capabilities specified in the documentation.
Is it possible?
I have 2 dns IP addresses.
One: on the main server.
Other: slave dns cluster

By default, the command is:
introduces us to the state of affairs “Everything OK”
Host: 111,111,111,111
Port: 8083
User: Admin
Dns_user: dns-cluster
SPND: no

Question, please tell me, maybe someone knows.
How to change DNS_User
Default: “dns-cluster”
And I need an additional account on the same server
I want to synchronize the DNS cluster there from another primary DNS

Thanks in advance to the respected community
With a bow and best wishes

Yes you can change it!

v-add-remote-dns-host hostname port admin password api existing_user

This is very good, your advice is very kind.
Sorry, “I’m a loser” :pinching_hand:
I read the manual at: DNS Management / DNS server — Hestia Control Panel documentation

It says that you can make an API key so as not to enter the panel administrator’s name and password in the open and that’s it

It says “Either Admin: Password, or” Generated API Key "
But with this command it is difficult for me to understand and understand
what is
api existing_user
Can you explain please.


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