DNS errors in domains .eu

I have been stuck for two days with a problem that I cannot understand.

I pointed the DNS to the server
ns1.servelette06. eu =>
ns2.servelette06. eu =>

Everything works but I can’t create SSL certificates
“Error: The domain of the servelette06.eu does not exist”

In the second option I tried to create the dns in the provider’s panel and the registrations:
“www.servelette06. eu =>”
“ftp.servelette06. eu =>”
Not accepted

To try to find the error I bought the domain servelette06. com from another supplier and everything worked ok.
Then I changed the server’s dns for these records

Then I created the moaidev. eu domain with the dns:
ns1.servelette06. com =>
ns2.servelette06. com =>

Again a whirlwind of problems
www.moaidev. eu => OK
moaidev. eu => A tragedy

You can check

Thank you in advance

I think I found the solution, but I don’t understand it

I added a new DNS record
0 issue “letsencrypt.org

Then I deleted the existing certificate and created a new one to replace it

Looks like everything is working ok

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