Domain problem. Hestia

Hello! I have a little problem, I’m new to hosting. I installed the panel without preliminary configuration, created a web domain and installed Wordpress, everything works in the admin profile, and in the user profile I performed the same actions, but when switching to the domain, the page does not load and writes
"Can’t access the site

Check for typos in the hostname.

  • If everything is correct, [use the Windows Network Diagnostics tool] (javascript: diagnoseErrors ()).

I use the domain on the site “Freemon” on the Internet, I did not find a solution to the problem, I do not know what to do. Even after installation, I received such a message on the mail
/ usr / local / hestia / bin / v-restart-proxy: line 26: nginx: command not found
/ usr / local / hestia / bin / v-restart-proxy: line 27: service: command not found
Everything works on test OC Ubuntu 18, one local machine address and one external IP.
I hope I was able to describe my problem.



Non-authoritative answer:

*** Can’t find No answer

Your name server config is wrong…

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