Dotnet Core Git Instalation

Good night everyone.
I’ve noticed that a user have created a git to aid us have Dotnet core at Hestia.

But for people that are novice on this world of terminal and Ubuntu . ( like me )

Can some1 explain how do I execute this scripts on the server ?

I was thinking on the NetCore sock because if I want to deploy more blazor apps…
Should I execute all the socket scripts ? How ?
I’m afraid of doing something wrong and bang… before I do anything I will backup the whole server ofc…

@Gabatronic could you add that to your repo ?
Or some images :smile: ?

I think I managed to do the steps necessary to have it running.

But ←
I created a subdomain and changed the Proxy Template to netcore500 or socket option.
both give the same error : Error: nginx restart failed

nginx: [emerg] unexpected “{” in /etc/nginx/conf.d/domains/
nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed

Maybe you will be luckiest if open an issue in Issues · gabatronic/hestia-netcore · GitHub

Anyway, the error is clear, some { is not placed correctly in /etc/nginx/conf.d/domains/**.**.com.conf file so you should check that file.

Note: if you want to obfuscate your domain, use or similar.

Also, I’m checking the template and it uses these:

In tpl:

include %home%/%user%/conf/web/nginx.%domain%.conf*;

In stpl:

include %home%/%user%/conf/web/s%proxy_system%.%domain%.conf*;

But htere are no conf files with those names, maybe the author wanted to use:

In tpl:

include %home%/%user%/conf/web/%domain%/nginx.conf_*;

In stpl:

include %home%/%user%/conf/web/%domain%/nginx.ssl.conf_*;

But no idea.

I grab the generated conf that is located at /etc/nginx/conf.d/domains
and it seem that for this config it was loaded all the “payload” and >not< only the

server {

Ok, it was my bad, Me as a n00b should have after downloaded the files, should have nano it…

In resume: I’ve downloaded the files, and the files that had come from github was with disclaimer of the person who did the code bla bla bla… I needed to clone it or download the raw …


I think the Template part its ok, but should be missing the systemctl service to start the project.dll right ?

I’ve created a branch and I’m going to try to modify the SH and add the Service as a template then the person should copy to the systemctl folder and enable the service .

@Gabatronic correct me If this steps are unecessary please