Doubts about apt upgrades and Hestia

I have some doubts about what are the best practices to do the upgrades, such as:

  1. Does Hestia do the upgrades (PHP, MariaDB, etc) every day with one of the cronjobs or when HestiaCP is updated to a new version?

  2. When making an “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade” in the command line: What care should be taken and not affect Hestia?

Thanks for any advice !

I am fine with auto updates. I don’t need new features from the updates only the security patches and Debian this days is pretty hard to enter and my clients are not public targets so I don’t need the extra effort to protect the server from the extra motivated hackers.

In case there were a serious issue with debian I would manually update.

I have seen errors in the past when updating nginx and not sticking to defaults (not overwrite) resulting in the deletion of the templates and therefore the websites don’t work anymore.

  1. Hestia does not install updates from Nginx / MariaDB / Apache2 / php / or any other packeges (Except hestia, hestia-php and hestia-nginx)

  2. Don’t override default config


What do you use to do auto updates in Debian?
In Ubuntu I use live patching

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