Edit Nginx Conf Safely

Hi :wave:

Firstly thank you to all of the devs working on HestiaCP. The custom install is just phenomenal as we host at AWS and don’t need database / mail support.

Current setup is Ubuntu 18 - Nginx - Apache mpm_event - PHP-FPM. I want to add redirects (currently using htaccess), do I need to edit Nginx conf as it’s a reverse proxy in this case? If so what about Apache templates I assume I don’t need to touch them.

I used the web admin to force SSL so that’s one less rule in htaccess and removed png from being served by Nginx via the admin too.

Do I have to create my own Nginx templates for adding redirects, where can I find them? Also will all my changes via web admin be available?

Many thanks!

Hi @imran

Have a look in our docs: https://docs.hestiacp.com/admin_docs/server_management.html#how-do-web-templates-work

No, you would need to adjust the changes on cli.

Hello! The link you provided is broken.