Edit PHP configuration with multiple PHP versions


I tried editing the PHP configuration via the web interface, and noticed that it shows and applies the same configuration (in my case, the one from the oldest version) to all other PHP versions. Is php.ini guaranteed to be forwards and backwards compatible like that?

I looked at the differences briefly, and it looked okay, but I might want to use the configuration from my newest version instead. I noticed short tags is enabled in 8.2 for some reason, but saving the configuration here would then disable them again via the 7.4 configuration. I wanted to edit disable_functions, and noticed that 7.4 has a long list of functions listed, where newer versions has none.

Good morning, the multiphp configuration files cannot be edited via the web, but rather via the terminal…

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I can edit them via the file system if necessary, but as I said, editing it via the admin panel seems to pick one of the versions (arbitrarily?) and then copy that configuration to all the other versions, which seems a little dangerous.

I would expect that the feature either be disabled, let me pick which version to edit, or edit perhaps the system default version and not copy the configuration to the other versions.

I know it still need to be implemented …

Alright. Is there an open issue for it or something? Do you have any specific solution in mind? Version picker?

We probably create for each service an unique page …

There should be a issue already about it

This just crossed my mind again after having to deal with changed configuration files during a PHP update. I think what would be best might be to use override configuration files, and use those as the basis for any web interface. Hestia’s default customisations should go there.


xdebug suggests doing the same in their documentation.

For the record, these are the issues I found on the subject: