Email distribution list - forwarding gets spam filtered

There was some discussion here about creating an email distribution list:

The accepted answer was to create a mailbox and use forwarding. Unfortunately these days that trips lots of spam filters as it is attempting to send the mail “from” the originating email address, and if it’s an external domain it is not authorized to do so by SPF.


spf=fail ( domain of [sender-email] does not designate [hestia-server-ip] as permitted sender)

Has anyone (or @mmoo9154) come up with an easy way to create a proper distribution list, or at least to get around this issue?

Forward function causes issue when you try to forward mail from [email protected] → mailing [email protected][email protected] due to the spf of are not allowing the hestia server to send email.

Solution would be to implement srs how ever it is currently not available yet…