Error codes from API

Hello, where can I find a list of error codes from the API because I looked for all the documentation and can’t see it ??

REST API | Hestia Control Panel

0	OK	Command has been successfully performed
1	E_ARGS	Not enough arguments provided
2	E_INVALID	Object or argument is not valid
3	E_NOTEXIST	Object doesn’t exist
4	E_EXISTS	Object already exists
5	E_SUSPENDED	Object is already suspended
6	E_UNSUSPENDED	Object is already unsuspended
7	E_INUSE	Object can’t be deleted because it is used by another object
8	E_LIMIT	Object cannot be created because of hosting package limits
9	E_PASSWORD	Wrong / Invalid password
10	E_FORBIDEN	Object cannot be accessed by this user
11	E_DISABLED	Subsystem is disabled
12	E_PARSING	Configuration is broken
13	E_DISK	Not enough disk space to complete the action
14	E_LA	Server is to busy to complete the action
15	E_CONNECT	Connection failed. Host is unreachable
16	E_FTP	FTP server is not responding
17	E_DB	Database server is not responding
18	E_RDD	RRDtool failed to update the database
19	E_UPDATE	Update operation failed
20	E_RESTART	Service restart failed
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