Error: DNS domain exists

I read about having a website under the “admin” username and deleted the domain from the “admin” account. I added a new user and tried to add my domain and I get the above error: Error: DNS domain exists

I tried v-restore-user admin adminfile and got the error Error: belongs to another user . Luckily, I only have one mail account and it is for SMTP only.

Probaly you havent removed the dns zone of the related domain in admin user?

With user admin, there are zero items under WEB/DNS/MAIL/DB.

domains: 0 / 0
aliases: 0
zones: 0 / 0
records: 0
domains: 0 / 0
accounts: 0
databases: 0 / 0

[email protected]:/usr/local/hestia/bin# v-delete-dns-domain admin
Error: dns domain doesn’t exist

I resolved the issue. I had to move these. I personally moved them to …


I am not sure how much is still broken but I was able to add back to HestiaCP.